Conservation districts have been in existence since the late 1930s. At the local level, the Deer Creek Conservation District was incorporated on January 18, 1945, and has been headquartered at 300 S. Broadway in Weatherford since 1949.

Early day district supervisors, now called district directors, actually provided most of the labor and built the existing Deer Creek Conservation District office at a total cost of $6,500. Those supervisors included Clair Kippenberger, Ralph Crall, J.B. Mannering, Bill Haynes, Buel Lasley and Raymond Finkenbinder. Assistant supervisors during the formative years of the conservation district included Leland DeBord, Noble Amen and L.F. Bond.

Conservation districts are independent subdivisions of state government whose primary function is to encourage proper care of the land and water through sound resource management decisions and long range planning.