Board of Director’s Meeting

Deer Creek Conservation District

300 South Broadway

Weatherford, OK

June 11, 2024



  1. Call to Order



  1. Consideration of and possible action on – May 14, 2024 Minutes



  1. Consideration of and Possible Action on Financial Statement, Bank Statement Reconciliation, District Reimbursement Claim, Payment of Bills Owed by District and Review of Allocation Register.
  2. Reimbursements for May 2024 OSF3



  1. Consideration of and possible action on District Manager payroll worksheet and timesheet for May 2024.



  1. Consideration of and Possible Action on the Following District Operation items:
  2. FY26 Budget Request
  3. Long Range Plan
  4. Cobb Creek Site #2
  5. Training Takeaways
  6. South Central Meeting
  7. Joint of Operations



  1. Consideration of and possible action on the following cost share items
  2. Emergency drought allocation report and update


  1. Program year 25 allocation report and update



  1. New Business



  1. Correspondence:



  1. Reports
  2. Directors/Associate Directors
  3. District Manager
  4. NRCS Report


  1. Public Comments




  1. Adjournment


All items on this agenda, including but not limited to any agenda item concerning the adoption or approval of any resolution, contract, agreement, or any other item of business, are subject to revision or amendment, including additions and/or deletions, without exception. Any revision or amendments will be limited and rationally related to the topic of the agenda item. The Board may defer strike, continue, table, and/or refer any agenda item to its chief administrative officer, staff, attorney, and/or refer back or appoint a committee for the purpose of gathering more information the Board may need to take action on any agenda item at a subsequent special or regular meeting of the Board.












    Board of Directors
    • Larry Wright – Chairman
    • Wyatt Lohman- Vice Chairman
    • Ed Crall – Treasurer
    • Doug Misak – Board Director
    • Trinity Smith – Board Director
    Associate Directors
    Office Staff
    • District Manager: Alli Selsor
    • Equipment:  District Manager is servicing/repair work on DCCD equipment