Board of Director’s Meeting
 Deer Creek Conservation District           

October 10, 2017
 Place: 300 South Broadway, Weatherford
 Time: 1:00 p.m.

  1. Call to Order (Director)                                                                                                                  a.    Review of DCCD's audit by CPA, Glenn McCulley of McCulley and McCulley                                                                                     
  2.  Agency Reports - NRCS reports - Clinton NRCS, Cordell NRCS 

      a. Executive session - Vote in open session on whether to enter Executive Session as authorized by Title 25 Section 307(B)(7) to discuss contracts, district agreement sheets, modifications and conservation plans for:   

b. Executive session to discuss and review plans, agreement sheets, and/or contracts in item 3A.

c. Return to open session-discussion and possible action (if any) to approve, revise or cancel conservation plans and other items listed in item 3A

4.Consideration of approval/disapproval of minutes-September 12, 2017 (Directors)

5.District operations-consideration of and possible action on the following (Directors):

          a. NRCS performance worksheet

          b. Farm to Food Bank -banner quotes

          c. State funded cost share program '18

          d. Ideas for district lot

          e. DCCD allocation for FY '18

         f. Outstanding Cooperator/Educator/Director

         g. OACD Area IV meeting -Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017 at Chickasha

         h. NACD national meeting in Nashville, TN -January 27-31, 2018

         i. Filing of DCCD annual audit (OCC 5J) and net worth statement (OCC 5K)

         j. Review Emergency Action Plans for Cobb Creek Sites, 1,2 and 3

        k. Review equipment rental cost list

 6. Financial statement-consideration of approval of financial statement-September 2017, bank statement reconciliation, and consideration of possible action on district reimbursement claim and payment of bills owned by district and review of allocation register

  7. Consideration of and possible action on district employee time sheets and leave record (Directors)

8. New business (Harper)

9. Correspondence

10. Reports- a. Directors  b. Equipment Manager c. District Manager

11. Public Comments (Directors)

12. Adjournment