Board of Directors Meeting-Deer Creek Conservation District

Date: February 12, 2019  Place: 300 South Broadway, Weatherford    Time: 8:00 a.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Agency Reports

                     NRCS Reports- Clinton NRCS office

                      NRCS Reports- Cordell NRCS office

3.    a.  Executive Session 1

            Vote in Open Session on whether to enter Executive Session as authorized by Title 25                          Section 307(B)(7) to discuss Contracts, District Agreement Sheets, Modifications and                        Conservation Plans For: CSP Applicants: Eric Eyster and Nathan Taylor

       b.  Executive Session to Discuss and Review Plans, Agreement Sheets, and/or Contracts in                     item 3a.

       c.  Return to Open Session- Discussion and Possible Action (if any) to Approve, Revise,                         or cancel conservation plans and other items listed in item (3a)

4. Consideration of Approval/Disapproval Minutes- January 8, 2019                                                                                  Special Board Meeting January 29, 2019

5. District Operations- Consideration of and Possible Action on the Following:                                              a. NRCS Performance Workshop

         b. State Funded Cost/Share Program '19

         c. DCCD Long Range Plan

         d. 1st Quarter Newsletter 

         e. Appraisal of Real Estate Located at 107 Rock Island

         f. OACD State Meeting February 24-26

         g. Director Shirts and Name Tags

         h. OACD Silent Auction Items                          


6. Financial Statement- Consideration of Approval of Financial Statement-January 2019                         Bank Statement Reconciliation, and Consideration of Possible Action on District Reimbursement       Claim and Payment of Bills Owed by District and Review of Allocation Register

7. Consideration of & Possible Action on District Employee Timesheets & Leave Record

8. New Business

9. Correspondence-                   NCPP

10. Reports- a. Director/Associate Directors b. Equipment Manager c. District Manager

11. Public Comments

12. Adjournment